Just the way you want it.

via Daily Prompt: Entertain

What comes to your mind as soon as that word hits your ears “entertainment”?

A sense of joy? A sense of rejuvenation? A rush to go and watch a movie or listen to some song that just chills your soul to life? Or maybe a get together with your closest friends to ring around some memories and creating many new?

Well, there’s no perfect definition for it, but there is a lesser known one.

I love that entertainment which can make me cry. Maybe hours of solitude in a silent room with just enough light to read a book? A book that contains dozen inspirational stories from world war victims, heroes, survivors or even speculators. Or maybe the story of a tragic loss that could make your conscience hide squeezed into the potholes of your heart. Perhaps a work of a lover who might write his story in words of wisdom with a laughter of sweet cries. I just feel that sudden rise of heat in my body when I read something and it affects me so deeply, and perhaps that is the biggest feeling you feel inside.

And even when I walk alone, may it be the loneliest roads among the woods, or on the footpath along a freeway, thoughts, and emotions about every single thing my mind does not stop thinking, is an entertainment. Just get so refreshed and recharged with that burst of energy to perhaps think of solutions to Climate Change, or a refugee crisis, or what if the next day I wake up and the news say “North Korea v/s USA (Literally)”.

Even thoughts are entertainment. Just get deeper and deeper into them and you would find a DJ concert for yourself. And you wouldn’t believe that you have knowledge of things you couldn’t understand until yesterday.

So what are your plans for The Late Night Show of Entertainment tonight?



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